Project analysis and quotaion.

Eurocave's staff works in collaboration with engineers and architects to help them design and develop their projects. Eurocave guarantees a carefule selection of the materials based on where they will be used.

On site measurements

On site measurements are key to the good realization of a project. Precise measurements are fundamental for a detailed execution.

Project development.

After on site measurements are performed deailed technical drawings are developed. The customer is also provided with previews of the final creation.

Selection of the materials

Eurocave is focused on the quality of the materials. Stone blocks extracted from the caves are carefully selected by the means of 30 year of experience in the field. Stonemasons in the workshop also check the quality of the materials to assure the utmost quality of the final creations.


Eurocave continuous investment in technology along with the yearly experience of his personnel allow the company to offer a wide array of products and solution for all kind of projects. From the simpler to the more complex projects.


The beauty of the stone must stand the strain of time. We can protect the stone on customer's requst with special treatmens to preserve the stone from weather and time.


Eurocave can deliver and put in place at customer's site any kind of stone by his own means or in collaboration with logistic companies. We can deliver and put in place all over the word.