Pietra Serena


This stone is characterized by strenght and beauty. Pietra Serena is easy to work and It's a sandstone frequently used in tuscany architecture and constructions.

It's pearly-gray fine grained texture makes this stone simple and elegant. The stone texture is enriched with sparkling spots made of mica particles. This is the defining trait of this magnificent natural stone.

The Pietra Serena is best suitable for ladders, flooring, columns, balconies, portals, fire places, covering, decorations, bathroom and kitchen tops. The particular beauty of this stone can be enhanced with a variety of finishings.

Chemical-Physical Characteristics

Volumic Mass: (Kg/m³)


Imbibition Coefficient:


Mechanical Characteristics

Compression Strength:

100 MPa

Flexion Resistance:

14,9 MPa

Extraction Site

Fosso della Canala

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